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2023 Breakouts & General
Session Descriptions


Dr. Alicia Yochum

General Session: Updated Imaging of Your Active Patient and Biomechanics of Disc Lesions (1 CE)

Dr. Yochum’s course will increase the chiropractor’s ability to interpret radiology reports on their patients and integrate this information into their treatment plans. Dr. Yochum will talk about how posture can predispose someone to a disc lesion and the biomechanics as it relates to the disc. This seminar will also enhance the doctor’s ability to look at the images and have a better understanding of the anatomy as it pertains to disc lesions. We will look at full MRI scans and walk through the anatomy and disc nomenclature so you can correlate what you see clinically to what is found on the images.


Dr. Robert Scott

General Sessions: What is old is new again (1 CE)

In the post pandemic world, the susceptibility of the host, or one’s vulnerability to injury and disease process is directly linked to one’s resiliency. This session will provide the case for focusing the profession’s attention on Salutogenics and improving resiliency as a means of reducing the health burden of disease.  


Dr. Sherry McAllister

General Session: Maximizing Momentum through Mobilization (2 CE)

Join F4CP President, Dr. Sherry McAllister to review current, relevant information on trending healthcare topics to maximize the value of chiropractic care. This presentation will cover the latest research; the importance of mobility, stability, and flexibility; and how chiropractors can mobilize their community.


Dr. Jay Greenstein

General Session: The Technology Adjustment: The Secret to Grow Your Practice, Your Income, and Your Impact. (2 CE)

We are living in an unprecedented time of massive change – certainly in the world at large, and most definitely, in healthcare. While the last decade has focused on the value-based care proposition, triple aim (really quadruple when you include providers), new delivery models, and new payer models, simmering underneath all those changes is a growing undercurrent with far greater reach. This soon to be tidal wave has the potential for both positive and negative impact. Rapidly evolving technologies – and meeting patients where they are (on their phones!) is creating a massive opportunity to improve patient outcomes and provider income. The application of this technology is already beginning to have large scale impact. Empowering patients to create improved lifestyle behaviors through mobile app technology drives better patient outcomes. In this course, we will discuss the background data that drove the evolution of the first mobile app in chiropractic to show significant behavior change for patients in attending their prescribed care plan visits and their home exercise adherence. The published study of over 4,000 patients and the second platform in development will be discussed.


Dr. John Edwards

Breakout Sessions: One Belly, Two Brains: Practical Thinking for the Family Chiropractor (4 CE)

Hour 1: Functional neurology of particular importance to the pregnant and postpartum population.

Introduction to objectively measuring cortical function, autonomic nervous system indicators and balance for perinatal patients.

Hour 2: Addressing Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders through the chiropractic lens.

Utilizing the information from the functional outcome assessment, targeting adjustments and activities to screen for and manage the most common condition of the perinatal phase.

Hour 3: Newborn examination essentials

Latch, birth trauma, and chiropractic technique modification for newborns.

Hour 4: Application of Polyvagal Theory to the Infant

Identifying hard wired cues to improve neurological flexibility and resilience during infancy.


Dr. Matthew Antonucci

Breakout Sessions: Concussion - Return to Play (4 CE)

Concussions are complex injuries requiring extensive training and specialty consultation. They are occurring in the general population at staggering incidence rates - more than diabetes and more cancer diagnoses. Chiropractors have a unique position in the healthcare system, with established patient relationships and more frequent interactions, allowing them to be a pivotal steward of brain health and safety. However, research has demonstrated that knowledge among ALL healthcare providers is deficient in identifying and managing mTBI. While many individuals don’t know if they were concussed or the magnitude that their injury may have on their life, this 4-hour, fast-paced course will aid its attendees in making solid recommendations by covering the breadth of concussion, from acute/sideline management, sub-acute therapeutics, and the 7 subtypes of concussion. Our goal is to enable chiropractors to properly manage or refer patients with concussions, to reduce long-term suffering and promote brain health.


Dr. Chris Anderson & Dr. Evan Gwilliam

*This session is designed for CAs,office staff and/or DCs

Breakout Sessions: Learn to Audit Yourself! (2 CE) & Strengthen Your Team (2 CE)

Learn to Audit Yourself! (3 hours)

Sometimes a fear of what third parties might do can get in the way of taking care of patients. In this action-packed, hands-on workshop presentation, national experts, Drs. Anderson and Gwilliam, will team up to show you how you can give auditors and reviewers what they are looking for so that they leave you alone and you can focus on your practice. You'll learn what makes you an audit target and how to communicate medical necessities so clearly that no one will doubt it. 

Strengthen Your Team (1 hour)

In this riveting workshop, rediscover why you got into the incredible field of chiropractic.  Learn to work as a cohesive team that includes the doctor, and the front and back office all working towards the same goals.  Get invigorated and walk away with ideas for how to make your workday more fun. 


Dr. Brendan Murray

Breakout Sessions: Conditions of the Lower Extremity - Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management (4 CE)

This hands-on breakout session will get you ready to assess and manage conditions of the lower extremity.  The course will include a review of up-to-date research on diagnosis of common injuries to the hip, knee, and ankle, as well as currently understood biomechanics of the areas of injury and how they can present to the practitioner. 

It will include discussion and demonstration of conservative approaches to modify these abnormal mechanics via mobilization, manipulation, and soft tissue mobilization in office. Finally, participants will learn, or refresh their knowledge on approaches in rehabilitation to add stability to the injured joints and their corrected positions. 

The goal is to take all this information and be able to apply it on Monday morning.  


Dr. Andria D’Amato

Acupuncture Course: Auriculotherapy, Tongue and Introduction to Facial and Pulse Diagnosis, & Introduction to Internal Disorders (4 CE)


Dr. Kristin Hieshetter

General Sessions: Build a Better Brain (2 CE) & The Enteric Nervous System: Our “Other” Brain (2 CE)

Build a Better Brain

Fatigue, brain fog, achy joints, coated tongue, and irritability are just a few symptoms that a patient’s gut is leaking. This course covers the latest research on the gut microbiome, its implications in nervous system disruption, and how to restore balance. Learn how to test for gut imbalances, then create a comprehensive program that includes treatments in-office, and protocols for in-home to ensure long-term success.


The Enteric Nervous System: Our “Other” Brain


The human brain is under a constant barrage of stressors never before incurred in the history of mankind. From electromagnetic frequencies to viruses, cellular radiation to pesticides, heavy metal exposure to toxic municipal water supplies, our brains and bodies are enduring an unfathomable burden. This course covers mechanisms of brain degeneration, from leaky gut to epigenetics to calcium ion overload, and what can be done about it. This course also discusses implications of chronic stress, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, sleep issues, and hands-on laser protocols for brain restoration. Lastly, nutrition and intermittent fasting implications on brain health and longevity will be tied into the overall clinical outcomes.


Dr. Lisa Maciejewski-West CMC CMOM CMIS CPCO

CA Panel Discussion-Challenges & Questions (9-11am)

Panelists:  Lisa Maciejewski-West CMC CMOM CMIS CPCO, Brandy Spaulding DC, & Ericka Cafaro

Bring your questions and problems to the Experts!  There is no topic too small or too big.  All topics will be discussed confidentially and anonymously, and no names or clinic data will be disclosed without consent.  Send your questions ahead of time to or  For security purposes please make sure any questions do not contain Protected Health Information and are properly deidentified.


  • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Challenges

  • Front Desk Duties and Responsibilities- Productivity Challenges 

  • Office Management Challenges 

  • Compliance Challenges (HIPAA, Billing Policies, HR Policies)

Problem Solving Workshop (11:20a-1:00pm)

Bring your problems “to the table”.  The first part of the workshop will be a discussion on how to have productive staff and strategic planning meetings.  After that, experts will be ready to work with you on real-time issues you are having in your office.  NOTE:  If you bring copies of EOB’s regarding specific patients’ claims and/or denials, be sure to de-identify them for HIPAA purposes.

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