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Alex Young

Dr. John Edwards, DC, DACCP

Speaking Information: Saturday, October 7, 2023- Breakout Sessions 1:30-3:15pm (2CE) & 3:45-5:30pm (2 CE)


John “Doc” Edwards founded Mama’s Chiropractic Clinics in southwest Florida. After losing 3 offices to Hurricane Ian in 2022, he became a model of adaptability and resilience by literally reforming his practice in a van down by the river. He is a clinical researcher and has been the Advanced Perinatal Clinical Practice instructor for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association since 2017. His wife Danielle and their 3 children enjoy theme parks, traveling, Jeepin’, and time on the water. Doc vlogs at One Belly Two Brains.

Program Information

Program Title: One Belly, Two Brains: Practical Thinking for the Family Chiropractor

Program Description: 

Hour 1: Functional neurology of particular importance to the pregnant and postpartum population.

Introduction to objectively measuring cortical function, autonomic nervous system indicators and balance for perinatal patients.

Hour 2: Addressing Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders through the chiropractic lens.

Utilizing the information from the functional outcome assessment, targeting adjustments and activities to screen for and manage the most common condition of the perinatal phase. 

Hour 3: Newborn examination essentials

Latch, birth trauma, and chiropractic technique modification for newborns.

Hour 4: Application of Polyvagal Theory to the Infant 

Identifying hard wired cues to improve neurological flexibility and resilience during infancy.

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