Dr. Steve King

Dr. Steve W. King graduated cum laude from Life Chiropractic College. He treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries. As a versatile athlete, Dr. Steve brings a unique perspective to the treatment of sports injuries. He has completed five marathons and participated in several triathlons. He works with many professional athletes, elite runners and amateur sports enthusiasts to treat and prevent injury, as well as enhance performance.

Dr. Steve King has distinguished himself as one of the chiropractic leaders in the Midwest. He has an extensive post-graduate education in chiropractic medicine; and a Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition with a focus on functional medicine and its growing value in the prevention and management of disease. His comprehensive approach focuses on the athlete’s performance and health, state of the art chiropractic care, and targeted nutritional and exercise recommendations.


Dr. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida. Prior to his chiropractic career, Dr. Steve worked as a shuttle thermal protection systems engineer with Lockheed Space Operations at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

General Session Topic:  Sports Injuries


Overview: The lecture will cover treatment methods for many common sports injuries.  We will review the diagnosis of a variety of sports related injuries commonly seen by chiropractic physicians. We will demonstrate and explain several spinal and extremity manipulative procedures as well as soft tissue techniques. We will demonstrate the Mulligan mobilization technique for iliofemoral joint dysfunction and post isometric relaxation stretching for shortened/tight iliopsoas/rectus femoris muscles.  I will also demonstrate at least one taping technique for injury management.  To make application of the information into practice more seamless, I will cover areas of the body as they pertain to common sports injuries.   I will to go back and forth between short lectures and demonstration to keep people focused and interested.


Course Objectives: By the end of this lecture, the attendees will have a better understanding of:

•  The roll chiropractic treatment plays in a sports injury setting

•  Many different types of sports injuries that can be treated by chiropractors

•  Pertinent biomechanics as they pertain to common sports injuries

•  Applicable spinal and extremity adjustive techniques, taping methods and soft tissue treatment methods

•  Clinical reasoning



•  Review of common sports injuries

•  Roll of Chiropractic Physician in sports injury management

•  Patient categorization as it applies to sports injury treatment

•  Spinal and extremity adjustment techniques and taping

•  Mulligan mobilization for hip injuries

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