Dr. Paul Ling Tai

Prof. Dr. Paul Ling Tai is an avid supporter of Chiropractic Physicians for many years. As a Board-certified Podiatric Surgeon and physician who can write prescription for drugs and surgery, he understands the side effects of drugs and risks in surgeries. Disillusioned, he was determined to immerse himself in extensive research in natural medicine and became Double-Board Certified in Anti-Aging & Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Tai developed 14 Patents and over 100 plant-based formulas for himself, his families and his patients.

Dr. Tai sees this one Trillion-dollar Heath care industry moving toward non-invasive and plant based natural protocols for various aging health conditions, such as Heart Diseases, Alzheimer Disease, Fatigue, Obesity, Cancer, Lack of Libido, etc. He exalts Chiropractors as the largest non-drug profession and are the rightful owners of this explosive Natural healthcare industry.

There is an urgent need for Chiropractors to expand their practices to help the millions of the helpless aging population whom has difficulty getting proper care from their Medical doctors. Dr. Tai is passionate in sharing with Chiropractors his advanced evidence based natural technologies to help improve their and their patients’ health as well to live a Younger, Stronger and Healthier life. Most of all, chiropractors who have incorporated Dr. Tai’s natural protocol have increased their revenue by at least 50%, if not more!

He is a dynamic speaker with a passion to share his vision with Chiropractors to own the natural medicine health arena. Dr. Tai has developed extensive protocols and testing that are easy to learn and incorporate into their practice Monday morning and extensive back office supports to ensure their success. It is truly a valuable asset to Chiropractors worldwide.

Dr. Tai is the Chairman & President of the Brasil American Academy of Aging & Regenerative Medicine (BARM); Editorial board member at International Journal of Bone and Rheumatology Research (IJBRR), Past Faculty member and former Dean of Post Graduate Medical Education and Past Chairman of the Department of Medical Research at University of Health Science Antigua (UHSA), School of Medicine & School of Nursing. Prof. Dr. Tai is a frequent lecturer at International Anti-Aging & Health Conferences worldwide. has been featured in many renowned medical newsletters, television appearances, and radio health talk shows nationwide.

He was a member of the surgical staff at Beaumont Annapolis-Oakwood Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, a trained Podiatric Medical Physician and double Board-certified surgeon specializing in reconstructive plastic surgery of the ankle and foot. In the past, he has served under two Michigan State Governors and was recognized with a Vice Chairman's position on the Michigan Board of Podiatric Medical Licensing and as Chief Examiner for new Podiatric physicians.

He is a best-selling author of the books “Cordyceps Miracles”, “8 Powerful Secrets to Anti-Aging”, “Thin Factors” with published Clinical studies, “Fabulously Beautiful You”, “Noninvasive Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging”, “Gold Book of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine” Volume I & II. His Latest blockbuster book is the “Encyclopedia of Natural Products” First and Second Edition.



1. The Old Thinking of Aging

2. The New Thinking of Healthy Aging

3. Signs of Aging – Inside & Outside

4. How Old Are You? Discover Your Biologic Age 5. Saliva Hormone Test & Profile

6. First Pass Technology & Principle

7. DHEA – Clinical Applications & Medical References

8. Coronary Risk & Myocardial

9. Hot Flash, Night Sweats, Depression & Clinical Treatment Protocol

10. Younger looking skin – Technique & Clinical 11. Prevent osteoporosis – Natural Protocol

12. Lower cholesterol – Naturally Without Statins 13. Safety of Puraria Mirifica & Clinical Research

14. Major protection of breast cancer, uterine fibroids & ovarian cysts – Natural Solutions

15. Testosterone Deficiencies – Andropause Syndrome a. Clinical Evaluation with Signs & Symptoms

16. Powerful Natural Aromatase Inhibitor for Men & Women

17. Clinical Cases of Prostatic hypertrophy – Signs & Symptoms

18. Enhancement of Sexual Performance & Sexual interest in men

19. Depression, Stress & Anxiety – Clinical Presentation & Treatment

20. Serotonin Adaptogens Benefits & Brain Functions 21. Fatigue? No Energy? Super 8 Hours Energy in!!!

22. Nano sublingual delivery system of Nano Technology

23. Cordyceps Radically Increase Cellular Energy & Congestive Heart Failure & Arrhythmia

24. Clinical Conditions of Deficient Calcidiol levels - Vitamin D3 Deficiency

25. Application of D3 Transdermal in Clinical Treatment 26. Vitamin D3 + K2 Deficiency

27. Signs of Aging & Sexual Desire Drops

28. Clinical Signs & Symptoms of Low Nitric Oxide

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