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Mike Powell, DC, DACNB 

Dr. Mike Powell has been teaching other doctors how to have a greater impact on their patients by applying functional neurology for over 20 years. He is on the faculty of the Carrick Institute, past president of the Iowa Board of Chiropractic, current district director for the Iowa Chiropractic Society. Dr. Powell lectures to chiropractors, educators, brain injury specialists, rehab providers and support groups. He is also trained in Bredesen protocols for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Powell has developed a series of both in-person and online courses on functional neurology for healthcare providers. He is proud to be a second-generation chiropractor, practicing with his wife, Kourtne, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Saturday Breakout Session:

Adjusting with the Brain In Mind (4 CEs)


This course is for any chiropractor who wishes to:

  • better understand how their adjustments affect the brain

  • learn new ways to use their existing adjusting techniques

  • serve patients even more effectively with brain-based adjusting


Dr. Powell will make understanding how brain function intersects with your Chiropractic care easy to understand and apply. You will learn techniques that will get patients better faster, allow you to better serve those with challenging conditions and give you new and creative ways to apply Chiropractic adjustments regardless of your preferred techniques. You will see patient videos from Dr. Powell’s clinic and participate in a day of hands-on, interactive learning.

Sunday General Session:

Here’s What I Do: 25 years’ worth of successful techniques for complicated patients (2 CEs)

This fast-paced presentation is an accumulation of techniques and procedures that have been incredibly helpful to Dr. Powell and his patients. It’s what he's learned from other doctors, research, patients, staff and lots of experimenting with trial and error; mostly stuff he wishes he'd have known a long time ago. You’ll get the condensed version of:

  • Treatment tips for complicated issues like ADHD, MS, persistent concussion or brain injury

  • Preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

  • Simple rehab that affects the brain

  • Brain-based adjusting

  • My “go to” supplements

  • Fasting or no fasting?

  • Working with young kids

  • Brain-based care for maintenance or routine patients

  • Patient compliance at home

  • Why some patients are not getting better

  • Advice on scheduling, intake process, setting fees, insurance

  • Getting referrals from other providers

  • And more