Dr. Krista Burns, founder of the American Posture Institute, is a Certified Postural Neurologist, Certified Posture Expert, Doctor of Health Administration, and Doctor of Chiropractic. She is a highly sought after media expert and speaker.

Author of the textbook The Posture Principles, Dr. Krista has been featured on Fox News and Global Woman Magazine. She is a presenter at prestigious international conferences including TEDx and the World Congress of Neurology.


Dr. Krista Burns

As Founder of the American Posture Institute, Dr. Krista has impacted thousands of patients achieve their Posture Transformation. She is leading the charge in exposing the truth of Digital Dementia.

Neurology of the Posture System, the Structure and Function Connection

The purpose of this presentation is to increase knowledge of the public health relevancy of postural decline, to increase comprehension of the neurology of the posture system, and to provide participants with implementable brain based posture analysis and correction strategies.

Presentation Overview:
Discover the public health impact of poor posture and how posture is declining in the Digital Age. See how chronic pain is in the brain and by having proper posture your patients can prevent recurrent pain patterns. Learn the neurology of the Posture System, how to perform an accurate posture analysis with Posture Imaging, brain based posture assessments, and brain based postural correction strategies.

Put it all together by learning how to implement Postural Neurology into your practice and set up treatment plans based on neuroplasticity.

Hour 1: Neurology of the Posture System and Public Health Relevancy
1. The public health impact of postural decline
2. Chronic pain is in the brain and how proper posture improves function to prevent recurrent chronic pain
3. Neurology of the Posture System: review of the sensory and motor cortex, cerebellum, visual system, vestibular system, and brainstem
4. How to identify the most common Postural Distortion Patterns


Hour 2: Practical Application of Brain Based Posture Analyses and Corrections
1. How to perform an accurate Posture Analysis with the Wade Technique for Posture Analysis and Posture Imaging (practical)
2. Brain Based Posture Assessments of the visual system, vestibular system, and cerebellum (practical)
3. Brain Based Postural Rehabilitation to stimulate different parts of the brain controlling the Posture System (practical)
4. How to implement Postural Neurology and set up treatment plans based on neuroplasticity

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