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Dr. Mario Fucinari, DC CPCO, CPPM, CIC

Dr. Fucinari led a highly successful practice in Decatur, Illinois for 35 years. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic Davenport in 1986. Dr. Fucinari is a member of the Carrier Advisory Committee for Medicare, a Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO), Certified Physician Practice Manager and a Certified Insurance Consultant. He is author of several publications on matters such as compliance, HIPAA, ICD-10 coding and E/M Guidelines. Dr. Fucinari has been presenting continuing education classes for over 27  and is a nationwide speaker for NCMIC, Foot Levelers, and ChiroHealthUSA.

Saturday Afternoon CA Track: Essential Front Desk Communications

Sponsored by Foot Levelers


As a practice manager or chiropractic assistant, you must know all applicable policies and procedures on billing, collections, and compliance. The methods you use to communicate the “chiropractic story” will not only prevent medical errors but will help to ensure better compliance and outcome treatment. As an assistant to the doctor, it is crucial that you are aware of policies and procedures needed to be compliant. Dr. Mario Fucinari, a Certified Professional Compliance Office, Certified Physician Practice Manager and a seasoned practitioner of 35 years, will show you how to incorporate the latest developments into the practice.


 Learning Objectives

  • Understand government regulations and industry trends

  • Establish procedures for proper claim form submission

  • Identify Legal Aspects of Patient Communication

  • Learn crucial front desk procedures for patient intake 

  • Define step-by-step procedures at the front desk to avoid costly billing and collection errors

Sunday General Session (Morning): Proving Medical Necessity In Any Type Of Case
Sponsored by Foot Levelers


One of the best ways to avoid claim denials is to document defensibly, and to prove that your treatment was undeniably a medical necessity. Dr. Mario Fucinari will define what exactly is medical necessity in any type of clinical case and clarify the components of documentation required. Learn from a certified compliance officer how to incorporate the latest developments into your practice without giving up your chiropractic roots. Perfect for doctors, staff, and students. 


Hour 1

  • The Standard of Care

  • Significance of the Comparative Billing Report

  • Legal Requirements in Chiropractic Documentation

  • Chiropractic Care and the Function Relationship

  • The Episode of Care

  • The Initial Encounter Report

  • Consultation Methods in Various Case Scenarios

  • The Personal Injury Consultation


Hour 2

  • Medical Decision-Making Determination and Documentation

  • Documentation fo the SOAP Note

  • A NEW Look at P.A.R.T.

  • The Importance of the Outcome Assessment Tests

  • The Assessment and Medical Necessity

  • The Treatment Plan and Medical Necessity

  • Questions and Answers

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