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Dr. Kevin Christie, DC, CSCS

Kevin Christie understands the unique pressures of the evidence-informed chiropractor. Kevin has run his own practice for over 14 years. With two offices and multiple staff (plus associates), he knows how important it is to not just be excellent at treating patients but being a great leader and marketer as well. Kevin has worked with the NFL, PGA Tour, and has been featured on ESPN and Fox Sports. Using the best tools available to us in the digital age, Kevin empowers evidence-informed chiropractors to achieve their own dreams of running a successful practice.

Friday General Session: Doing It Right-Modern Chiropractic Marketing


Too many chiropractors struggle to build and maintain a thriving practice that allows them the freedom in their professional and personal life to enjoy the fruits of their passion. This presentation will provide the chiropractor with modern marketing concepts and strategies to elegantly grow their practice without resorting to unethical and distasteful marketing that has plagued many professions in the past.

Presentation Outline

  • The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Roadmap (45 Minutes)

  • The Audience Builder Exercise (30 Minutes)

  • Marketing The Entire Patient LifeCycle (45 Minutes)

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