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2022 Course/General Session Descriptions

Dr. Dennis Marchiori  (1.25 CE)
General session:  "Connecting Your Purpose and Passion - Chiropractic's Role in Healthcare"

Dr. Marchiori opens this year’s engaging continuing education program by framing ways we may connect and leverage both our purpose and passion to benefit our individual practices, collective efforts to advance chiropractic in Ohio, and strengthen our profession overall. Dr. Marchiori presents ways that our fundamental purpose to help patients live a healthier life is advanced through our passion and commitment to provide the highest quality of conservative chiropractic care in our clinical practices. He’ll make the case that chiropractic is underutilized and discuss barriers and facilitators to chiropractic becoming a greater role in the healthcare system. In this presentation, Dr. Marchiori discusses the importance of our clinical and public perception research, educational programs, values, and professional community to inform and drive future success.

Dr. Kevin Christie  (1 CE)
General session:  "Doing It Right: Modern Chiropractic Marketing"

Too many chiropractors struggle to build and maintain a thriving practice that allows them the freedom in their professional and personal life to enjoy the fruits of their passion. Perhaps you know you need to "do some marketing" but aren't sure how to start. Dr. Kevin Christie understands the unique pressures of the evidence-informed chiropractor, including how to elegantly grow your practice without resorting to distasteful marketing that plagued the profession in the past. You'll be presented with "The Modern Chiropractic Roadmap" designed to get you where you need to be.

John Ramstead 
General session:  "On Purpose, With Purpose - A Blueprint For Living Your Best Life"

Is it possible, in these turbulent and uncertain times, to not only succeed in life, but also to exceed expectations? This former U.S. Navy "Top Gun" shares his personal story and inspires you to learn the three keys to owning your purpose -especially in difficult times - and how your organization can emerge stronger through adversity.

Dr. Mario Fucinari (2 CE)
General session:  "Proving Medical Necessity For Any Case"
Sponsored by Foot Levelers

One of the best ways to avoid claim denials is to document defensibly, and to prove that your treatment was undeniably a medical necessity. Dr. Mario Fucinari will define what exactly is medical necessity in any type of clinical case and clarify the components of documentation required. Learn from a certified compliance officer and seasoned practitioner of 35 years how to incorporate the latest developments into your practice without giving up your chiropractic roots. Perfect for doctors, staff, and students.

Dr. Dean Smith (2 CE)
General Session:  Research Review

Learn what's new in chiropractic research, as well as practical steps to implement research into your practice. A variety of emerging outcome measures related to motor/postural control, human performance and pain - from high tech to low tech implementation - will be discussed.

Dr. Dan Weinert (1 CE)
General Session: "Gut Microbiota In Health And Disease"

The gut represents our largest interface with the external environment.  In wellness, we synergistically work with our microbial guests in immune and metabolic functions to achieve homeostatic balance.  Large shifts in the microbiota lead to a disease promoting imbalance. Learn how the gut interface functions and how factors such as prebiotics, probiotics, drugs, and artificial sweeteners promote either health or disease.

Breakout session:  Dr. Monika Buerger (Total 4 CE)
"Adjusting The Future:  Giving the Gift of Life To Future Generations"

Many people feel that the past two years has led to a global shift towards “survival." This shift will have long-standing consequences on the health, well-being and the developmental trajectory of generations to come. Dr. Buerger will outline the struggles chiropractors can expect to see in the pediatric population moving forward and what these struggles can mean in the adult years. Bringing the most recent chiropractic neuroscience, she will also show how the chiropractic adjustment will play a critical role in healing a NERVOUS system.

Includes the Neurobiology of Stress; The Polyvagal Theory, Prefrontal Cortex and Chiropractic; Chiropractic From Development To Disease; and Neuro-Expression, A Window Into Neurological Identity


Learning Objectives

  • Help attendees understand the sensory-motor signs of a stressed nervous system

  • Help attendees be able to recognize post pandemic developmental concerns

  • Help attendees understand the neurology of the chiropractic adjustment

Breakout session:  Dr. David Seaman (Total 4 CE)
"Saving A Golfer's Joints and Muscles: Swing Tips and Joint/Muscle Nutrition"

Golf continues to be a popular game for all ages. To play without pain and to be able to play in your 80s and 90s requires a healthy body and a non-stressful swing motion. This course will apply kinesiological principles to the golf swing and outline how proper nutrition can promote musculoskeletal health, which applies to all physical activities, not just golf.


Learning Objectives: Discuss how standing too close to the ball creates swing faults and unnecessary musculoskeletal stress; Compensatory movements that sacrifice proper power application and promote injury; Diet and musculoskeletal degeneration vs regeneration; Nutritional supplements for musculoskeletal health

Breakout session:  Dr. Mark King  (Total 4 CE)
"Hip/Pelvic Mobility & Stability"

Dr. Mark King will teach the clinical evaluation of the hip and pelvis, adjustive techniques, rehabilitation of the iliofemoral and SI joints, and clinical management. Emphasis on assessment, corrective procedures, rehab, and case management will be done in the lecture and demonstration sections. The class is designed to help clinicians become clinically effective and time efficient when managing patients with hip and sacroiliac issues.

By the end of this program, attendees will be able to:

  • Clinically evaluate and properly diagnose hip/SI dysfunction

  • Increase efficiency in identifying and correcting joint dysfunction

  • Know when to refer a patient for surgical consult

  • Identify and manage functional instability

  • Understand and implement corrective rehab and exercises for hip and pelvic stabilization

Acupuncture Course:  Dr. Gary Estadt  (Total 4 CE)
Scalp and Peripheral Neuropathy Acupuncture Techniques

Scalp Acupuncture - suited specifically for those who have an Acupuncture background.


Participants will learn the various forms of scalp acupuncture.

  • TCM Scalp Acupuncture uses is a projection of cerebro-cortical functional areas of the scalp to treat neurological, musculoskeletal & psychological disorders.

  • Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA) is a complete acupuncture microsystem of the scalp utilizing Basic (anatomical) and Ypsilon (channel) points to affect the human body through the bioelectric and biochemical systems, enabling the patient to move toward balance & harmony.

  • Zhu Scalp Acupuncture is based on theories of TCM, including Yin-Yang, 5-Elements, Zang-Fu, Qi & Blood, and Meridian theory, but incorporates western medical theory in treatment & diagnosis.

Peripheral Nerve Entrapment Syndromes - suited for those with an Acupuncture OR a Dry Needling Background.

  • Peripheral Nerve Entrapments are common clinical disorders of peripheral nerves that can be either compressive or non-compressive neuropathies. They occur at specific locations, such as where a nerve courses through fibrous tunnels, or penetrates muscles.


Neurological Disorders

We will review treatment patterns for common neurological disorders that may be seen in practice.

CA Track
Lisa Maciejewski-West, "Improving Collections In Your Practice" and
Mario Fucinari, "Essential Front Desk Communication" (Total 4 CE)

Improving Collections In Your Practice 

Part 1: Insurance Collections - what are you missing? 

  • Coding challenges that result in denials

  • How to effectively scrub claims to minimize rejections

  • How to work through your AR every month

  • How and when to appeal unpaid or improperly paid claims


Part 2: Patient Collections - The Bread and Butter of Your Practice

  • Addressing the pain points of patient collections, including pre-pays, care plans, etc.

  • Steps for setting up payment options that are easy and compliant

Essential Front Desk Communication 

As a practice manager or chiropractic assistant, you must know all applicable policies and procedures on billing, collections, and compliance. The methods you use to communicate the “chiropractic story” will not only prevent medical errors but will help to ensure better compliance and outcome treatment. As an assistant to the doctor, it is crucial that you are aware of policies and procedures needed to be compliant.

Dr. Mario Fucinari, a Certified Professional Compliance Office, Certified Physician Practice Manager, and a seasoned

practitioner of 35 years, will show you how to incorporate the latest developments into the practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand government regulations and industry trends

  • Establish procedures for proper claim form submission

  • Identify Legal Aspects of Patient Communication

  • Learn crucial front desk procedures for patient intake

  • Define step-by-step procedures at the front desk to avoid costly billing and collection errors

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