Archie Griffin

Archie Griffin, has received dozens of honors as one of the top college football running backs of all time.  Among the honors are:   the ONLY two-time winner of the prestigious, Heisman Trophy….member of the College Football Hall-of-Fame….two time Big Ten Player-of-the-Year…and three time All-American.  In 1975, he was a recipient of the NCAA’s Top Five Award for accomplishments in athletics, academics, leadership, and character.  He graduated from The Ohio State University a quarter early and played pro football for several years for the Cincinnati Bengals.  In January of 2002, Archie was honored as the "Football Player of the Century" at The Ohio State University.


For many years, he served as Associate Director of Athletics at The Ohio State University, where he oversaw activities in 16 sports.  In January of 2004, he became President of the Ohio State University Alumni Association.  He recently retired from that position and devotes most of his time promoting OSU, doing charity work, as well as making public appearances and speeches.  

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